Forbidden ...

I do like black and white and sepia photography generally speaking and love the special atmosphere the lack of colour creates.  But there is definitely something very erotic about nude or pornographic photography from the turn of the last century.  Something hidden and mysterious and especially forbidden. 

We are bombarded with images of all kinds in the 21st Century and nothing seems forbidden any more.  When we look at photographs from the early 20th and late 19th Century - we are allowed into a hidden world.  There is something so staged and posed about the majority of the old photographs - the models seem like mannequins and for me it adds to the unreal, ethereal quality of the images. 

We seem to be under the impression that sex and *********** were a fairly recent invention - probably from sometime around 1967 - but these photographs show that there is absolutely nothing new at all!!

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Quite true but they seem to be more original.

I agree with you! Let's hear it for old black and white or sepia nudie photographs!!!