Virgins Taste Like Chicken.

i liked me lots of virgins in my day. i understand when people say that they do not like taking virginity because you leave that lasting impression. that was my thing though. i like leaving that impression. i am not trying to toot my own horn here, but i have been told that i am decent in the sack. i like to think that i can give that to some one.

i like the fact that what i do, has a hard time being duplicated by another woman. i know this is true because i have had encounters with past lovers that have said that i had basically ruined certain things for them in terms of sexual relationships that they had been in. that makes me happy. they told me that no one has ever done the things that i did, or done them as well and so when they got those things from other women- they were disappointed. (ego stroke, ego stroke)

i love the fact that i had a positive impact on those men's life. i like the fact that i was able to show them pleasure that they had not felt, and do it in a good way. i like that they were pretty much garantied not to forget me. i like being remembered, i am so damn sentimental that it is vital to my existance. i was never the girl whose name was forgotten and i was never the girl who sucked in bed. *shrug*

i liked that they knew nothing about what they were supposed to do, and i liked the expressions on their face as they came in contact with new experiences. i liked the way i could show them what i needed and them not get all hurt because they didn't understand that they didn't know what they were doing. i liked me the virgins. yesssiree, i did.

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3 Responses Apr 30, 2007

Damn these poor kids. You know, no one should see God the first time they walk into a church, because if they do and they go back and God isn't there anymore, they will never stop looking for God in that or any other church and will be ruined for life forever in their search to see God again. You feel me? You've ruined them for LIFE! Don't ever have sex with me, please, I'm begging you.

Gotta ask - what do you do that's so different?? Brag a little....

I have only been with a virgin once and at the time I was not a virgin. I have to admit it was exciting! He was a few years younger than me and quite a hottie! It was interesting to be his first. He really liked me too but the relationship didn't go too far since I was still hung up on an ex boyfriend at that time.