I Enjoy Visual Novels

Most recent one I've been playing is Clannad and I've been avoiding looking at walkthroughs. I'm playing through it completely blind, which I think makes it more fun. So far I've been getting Tomoyo's story and I must say, I'm glad I got her instead of the tsundere; had me worried for a bit when Kyou kept showing up. lol

If anyone wants to recommend me some visual novels, feel free. I don't mind hentai scenes, but I like my visual novels to have a story.

Other visual novels I've played is Fate/Stay Night and Saya no Uta. Going to have to warn people ahead of time that Saya no Uta is pretty messed up(definitey, definitely 18+), so don't play that unless you read about it first. Fate/Stay Night is pretty good for anyone, however.
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hi there , do you play katawa shoujo too ?

So far I've only completed Hanako's path, but I really enjoyed it. I'll definitely play through the other paths sometime.