A lot of likes for older men, but I prefer an older woman. One who has been around the block a few times. A lady with a bit of experience, one who knows how to order her own drink, one who can read a wine list, one who can go to the bathroom to pee by herself, not dragging other women with her. A secure woman who can stand on her own two feet, not lean on me all the time. If we go to bed it is because we both want it, not playing some silly you have to beg for it childish game. An older woman can be ready on time. Maturity means she can actually be mature. If I take her to a stable, she knows how to ride a horse. Or at a track how to read the program. In a fancy restaurant she orders what she has eaten before and likes, not just ordering the most expensive because it must be good. Older means we understand each other.
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Mature is sweeter ...

WOW you have a lot of request, your very specific in your requirements for an older lady!
I would not want to be a woman, that can ride a horse and order off a wine list... I do like to watch horses as they are very majestic, I hate drinking wine it just nasty!
I think you want more of an emotionless robot rather than a lady...
Mind you having to beg for sex is bad, but then again a romantic night, with lots of foreplay can make any woman want to make love, if you push her buttons right.
Just saying like ;o)
Sorry for asking, but if your 70+ how old would your older woman be..?

Hahahaha your priceless! I have drunk the finest wine, and it dose not agree with me as I am allergic to the pectin in it!
Your just a sad old codger that is over opinionated and to old to see that people are not the same as in your day!
As for your partner she is a bloody robot all be a well trained one!
I would not want to spend any time with you, I did not even want to reply to you, but your so incredible rude and very wrong!
I am glad I don't have people in my life like you your just a stuck up priggish, man that lives in a by gone era!