Caught Out

I was walking along a stretch of coast. I could see no one was around so I took my clothes off and walked naked, enjoying the sense of sun and breeze on my skin. Its been such a long cold Winter, it feels like a relief to shed clothes and walk naked. This went well for a mile or so. First a female runner suddenly appeared on the path ahead. I had no time to hide but quickly crouched down and put my shorts on. I'm sure she saw me naked, and embarrased put my shorts on quickly, but I smiled at her and said good morning and she smiled back and ran on. She didnt seem to mind and I wished I had not bothered to cover up.
Later going down a hillside path a middle aged couple also appeared ahead. This time there was not even time to put any shorts on so I just had to brave it out. Lets say that they werent so accepting! "Put your shorts on now all I'll call the police" the man said - I knew at the time the police were engaged in a manhunt for a serial killer - but I did. I put them back on and felt guitly about enjoying the pleasure of being naked. They made me feel like a pervert. I wasn't deliberately exposing myself (I didnt have an erection for one thing and I'm not exactly blessed with a large penis), so that was the last thing I wanted to do. "School parties come this way" they said as though I deliberately flashed at teenage girls (who would probably just laugh at me).
Its sad - I love being naked - I especially love being naked outside and enjoying the fresh air - but there are too few places in this small country where you can be naked without worrying about bumping into people who will disapprove. I believe being naked isnt illegal so its not against the law, but what can you do except a furtive walk in sand dunes or a local park. Are there organised naked walks - I may feel safer in numbers as I now dont know what to do.

Summerman Summerman
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I got caught sunbathing in some woods once, but I was lying face down. A couple came along with a dog and just walked past me continuing their conversation. I had no idea there was a path along the direction they came! I wonder what they would have said if I had been lying on my back! :-)

Thanks BW. I think Ive missed the Naked Bike Ride this year but yes it sounds like it might be fun!