Maybe Again When Its Warmer

I decided to go out and take a naked walk tonight. It was very brief however because of the cold fall temps and even more the cold wet grass on my bare feet. I'm either going to have to wait for warmer weather or wear shoes. I ended up hopping in the car for a nude drive, combined rural and urban route.
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2 Responses Oct 10, 2010

My husband talked me into making naked drives about 15 years ago when we used to go to a little country music theater on Saturday nights. He bought this old van when his truck engine blew up and we would ***** off after leaving the theater, and drive about 10 miles back home. Some nights we didn't make it to the ******** stump in the front yard, and we'd end up at the back of the van, me resting my face and boobs on the floorboard and his **** up my butt.<br />
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I got too uncomfortable after a couple years, and put a stop to it. But when we reunited after a separation, we renewed the naked driving, which usually ends up with me on the steps and his **** in my ***. I'm glad we worked it out. We try to drive naked at least once a week in warm weather......

I would have to think that if its too cold to walk, then drive. It's better than wearing shoes, since your not naked if you do that.<br />
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Keep ALL of your clothes off and have fun!<br />
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