First Naked Walk Of 2013

After being very cold for a few weeks, it got to 50 degrees today. I couldn't wait til tomorrow when it was supposed to get even warmer, so about 2:30, I took off my clothes and headed outside. I've managed to get in at least one naked walk every month for the last 32 months.

I made about a 15 minute walk down into our woods, and would have stayed longer but had an appointment to make.

I got 2013 started off right. NAKED!
PrincessCleo PrincessCleo
51-55, F
5 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I would love to find some places to walk naked .Do you find much hostility from the clothed community ?

We just avoid them, but I worry more for my husband than myself.

Way to get the streak going, hope you break last years count.


It was 60 in OH back around Jan 8 and I was tempted, but I am not as much of a polar bear as you 2 are! How long is it until spring?

I don't know. Last year it came early and we had a miserably hot summer. I'll be glad if winter lasts a little longer if it gives us a more tolerable July and August. Got lots of nude walks in last year in Jan, Feb, & Mar. But it's been considerably colder this winter......but we've still gotten in some nude days outside this month.

You're making me feel like a slacker! However, it hasn't been quite that warm where I'm at...but next Tuesday is supposed to be 50, so here's hoping!

That sounds great! I'm still stuck in the freezing zone. Gotta move south. Carpe Diem!