So, there are times I really love my "job that pays the bills." Sometimes I hate it, and often, it's a combination of the two.

My dream is acting, and I'm very fortunate to pursue it. However, being an actress in a secondary market doesn't quite cover the monthly bills, so I supplement that income with freelance marketing / communications and corporate event management.

While managing a conference in Atlanta, we ran out of some supplies in our onsite business office. Seeing as I needed a few things myself, I volunteered to go. The hotel we were staying in was connected to the Peachtree Center, so I was able to walk to the CVS Pharmacy without having to go outside. This was a bonus because it had been raining off and on all day.

Unfortunately, while the pharmacy had the items I needed, it was out of stock in what we needed for our office. The manager pointed out a Kinkos about six blocks away. It wasn't raining at the time, and my colleague really needed the items that night; couldn't wait until morning, so I decided to brave the Atlanta evening, inclement weather and walk to the Kinkos. About 1/3 of the way into my walk, a light rain began to fall. Now I love to go for walks in the rain. However, a business suit and heels is not typically my chosen attire.

As I continued to walk, the rain progressively worsened to a torrential downpour, and I didn't have an umbrella. My hair, suit and blouse were soaked, although I did hold the plastic bag with my pharmacy items over my head to keep the water out of my eyes. Fortunately, my hair was in a twist, so it didn't hang around my face like the little match girl.

I made it to the Kinkos looking a bit like a drowned kitten all the same. Fortunately, the store had umbrellas, so I purchased one along with the supplies. The walk back wasn't so bad and was even a bit enjoyable since I love how everything shines in the rain and the smell of rain in the air - clean, fresh, renewing.

I stopped at an Irish pub to get some dinner. Removing my suit jacket, I gave the man sitting at the table across from me and my waiter an interesting show as my blouse was wet, and I was cold. What's life without a little adventure, right?

It wasn't a planned walk in the rain, but it was nice all the same.
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Loved the story and Atlanta as well... maybe one day I'll get back there. The rain is a cleansing of the world but when it embraces our skin, there's a bonding of its soothing powers and our souls... Yes, lets do it often.

I agree. Thank you for the lovely comment.

I love walking around outside in the forest either when it rains or when it snows. There is something so pristine and so enchanting about the forest on days like this, its magical and soothing to the heart and soul.

Oh, I completely agree! It's lovely. I used to hike in The Hobbit forest in Flagstaff. It was so lovely, especially after a snowfall.

I bet you were gorgeous.

Thank you. :)

Great story, and great attitude! My wife and I both love walks in the rain (or playing in a fountain, whatever presents itself!) :) As long as it was warm enough that it wasn't chilling, we'd probably not have bothered buying the umbrella though! She and I share this account, add us if you're willing! Glad you didn't let the fact that you were in a suit and heels ruin the ultimate enjoyment. Wish We'd been in the restaurant! :)

I was wondering if you guys were going to see this story. ;)

L3D3 - you should add them, they're a lot cooler than me.

Well, with that recommendation, how could I not? :)

Well, may have to disagree here - syfy is pretty cool too! :)

Yes, he certainly is.

By the way, had to chuckle at your description of looking like a "drowned kitten." I always tell my lady that she looks EVEN sexier when wet! :)

While some women look sexy wet, I typically just look wet, lol.

Hmm, not sure I'm buying that! I think most all women look sexy wet. In support of my argument, I refer back to your story regarding your experience at the pub. Wet clothes always cling to a woman's curves so sexily!

We guys, on the other hand, just look wet... :)

Well, I may have to disagree with you. I've had many lovely fantasies about Navy SEALs, surfers, lifeguards, lol. They look good wet. ;) Even love to watch the man I'm with swim or play in the pool.

Hehe, ok, won't argue with you! If you read our stories you'll find we both love getting wet together, a real turnon for us both that generally ends in a night of mindblowing sex after an evening of "date night" foreplay! :)

Congrats! You're lucky! Sounds fun.

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Glad you enjoyed atlanta; I did except my last exit. Have fun my friend

I do love a rainy day...and a beautiful woman in a wet blouse is like the icing on a cold wet cake of an afternoon. lol

Lol. Thanks, diggler. :)

I don't think you need to be thanking me,but it sounds like there's a couple guys in a pub somewhere that should be giving thanks.:)

Haha. I hope they were pleased. Didn't hear any complaints or polite requests for me to cover up. It wasn't obscene, just a hint. I'd have never taken my jacket off if it was blatant.

Of course,I understand.You're a woman of class and dignity after all.;)

*blush* Thank you, kind sir.

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You're a trooper. A lesser woman would not have gone looking for those supplies nor hung in there as the rain began well short of your destination. Just another thing that I like about you, you're squared away. :)

I'm nothing if not determined. It was only a little rain, and I had a job to do. Couldn't let my colleague down. But thank you for the compliment. :)

What's life without a little inconvenience? Soundalike a fun little jaunt.

It was, especially once I got the umbrella. :)

Sounds like you looked great! Lucky guy and waiter! I'll have to live with visualizing it in my mind

Thanks. :) Good thing you have a very visual imagination.

Why couldn't I be there when you decided to show off???