A friend had her mate come over from the UK last night and they sat together 'cos they had loads to talk about, her mate sat sideways on to my line of sight - that was about 9 o'clock.
She didn't pee until 12.30 and was drinking solidly, every few minutes there was wine or coffee going in.
I watched her while our table were having our mas-debate, I could see she was uncomfortable about 10.30 as she was sitting with her back arched and her bum poking out, she stayed like that for quite some time.
Also, interesting distraction: while sitting, crossing the ankles and with the airborne foot, made radials but to the ankle's limit (I tried it and it's quite hard to do and it's quite distracting) thus numbing the bladder pain.
Right, I knew this girl was full of pee, but the question was, when was she going to give in?
She was sitting forward for a while, but that was squashing her pee, (maybe that's nice for a woman) but if she sat back and let her bladder expand, she couldn't hear what her friend was saying, so she sort of compromised with herself and sat upright with her back arched to give her bladder some space.
About 12 o'clock she got up and I was ready to go to the Gents' bog next door and have a listen - they're only thin walls, but she just got up to go round and give her friend a big hug, but I noticed that she was keeping her bladder way out of the way of any squashing.
She went and sat back down, I thought she'd follow it up with a visit to the toilet 'cos she must've been aching. She was getting really uncomfortable and she didn't know how to sit anymore, she was nearly there.
So, after three and a half hours of solid drinking, plus what she had inside her before she started, she finally gave in, I gave it a few seconds and made my way to the Gents' bog, but here comes the anti-climax: I could hear her moving around in there, but no peeing noises, it was quiet for about 2 minutes, then the bog roll, then the flush - damn, she's done it on the side - she was sitting cocked over on one cheek, I've often seen a woman pee like that when she's over-full and therefore her pee stream was going onto the side of the pan.
That's it, I was very annoyed 'cos I was so looking forward to hearing that, so I came home and had a **** and felt better!
PissFun PissFun
66-70, M
Aug 31, 2014