Film Buff

I love watching films, I love pretty much any kind of film and if there's a film I don't like then I try not to dole out judgement for anyone who dose like it...I will however state why I didn't enjoy it so not to seem as if I've just shrugged it off without thinking. I love sharing a film with a friend that I know they'll just love and to see them get drawn in or to watch an old classic and relive all those feelings again. One time one of my best friends and I were watching the Green Mile together and were so involved with the film we didn't realise a candle has tipped over and started a fire by our feet. Sometimes though I understand my own favorite films are rather strange or bizarre and I tend to watch those by myself. I do wish that I had someone to share those films with, but I understand why they aren't an easy watch.

We use to have what we called Craption Sundays, Craption being a kinda slang for crap action films, basically the cheese of cheese movies with little plot acting or scripts, but massive gun fights and heroics. Those nights have stopped now sadly, we use to have about twelve people round all drink cups of tea and dunking biscuits, cuddling up together under blankets and smoking.
MuddTheUnknownSoldier MuddTheUnknownSoldier
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2012