Absolutely!! ...

Absolutely!! First i just simply enjoy watching movies AND to do that WITH company, even better. One of my favorite *cult* like films is Hair, and last weekend, since my son enjoys the music so much, we both enjoyed watching the movie together. Than there are films that I can most definitely watch more than once, most of them are chic flicks, lol.

When Harry Met Sally; the fake ****** scene still makes me giggle.

The Sound of Music is a MUST every Christmas.

Put me in front of , Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? and i always feel like i am watching it for the first time.

To Sir with Love is an occasional favorite. Yes i adore Sidney Poitier.

I haven't yet seen Dream Girls, but that is on the agenda for this weekend.

Even though it gives the wrong impression of prostitution, i still enjoy Pretty Women

Erin Brockervich

Fatal Attraction, in tend to scares some guys to death, lol

Bridget Jones Diary (the first one)

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

If i am in a serious mood; Pride and Prejudice.

This year my sons and i watched The Lord of the Flies.

Than there are movies that i feel socially obligated to watch;

The Inconvenient Truth.

Shindler's List.

Sophie's Chicer.

Jungle Fever.


and yes i even admit to enjoying some of the sappy movies that are made for TV.

Saving Private Ryan.

Well i guess the list could go on, but simply I love movies!!


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May 26, 2007