Living In The Northeast

I grew up in Northern NJ back in the late 60's and 70's. We lived close to a cemetery that was very large, but didn't have many grave sites on the back hill.  It was a great place to go sleigh riding.  We also lived close to a park that had a small lake which would freeze in the winter and provide a wonderful outdoor skating environment.  A group of my friends that played football would love to find an empty parking lot after a snowstorm and play tackle football.  Once I started going to college (also in NJ), I began snow skiing.  I always thought, if you have to live in the snowy region, you may as well make the most of it.   

I moved to FL for 18+ years, and within that time also spent 9 months in Singapore on a business trip.  Both of those areas were perpetually warm, and flat.  Florida would get cold enough that you couldn't enjoy the beach, water skiing, or even deep sea fishing for the "winter" months.  Yet it was never cold enough to enjoy winter games or activities.  I eventually started longing for the change of seasons, and one of my favorite kid meals of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I'm back in Northern NJ now.  And although I'm a little too old for tackle football in a snow covered parking lot, I do love taking my kids sleigh riding and skating.  Maybe this year, we'll try snowboarding... easier on my knees *wink*.

But for now, I'll just stare out my window and watch the snow fall, and think of all the wonderful things we can do in it as soon as I get out of work.
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cool. I once say a convention of crows when i was a kid out my trailor window in a tree. Kind of stuck with me.Till this day Ithink crows are very social. Not friendly, but social..