Madagascar Is Amazing Movie Lol

I love this movie ... i love all the characters ... i love their way when they talk. and their thoughts and behavior ... i have watched it more than than 10 times lol

every time i see this movie i fall in love with it more than before .... there are too many of funny scenes that you can't notice them from the first time  ...

i always watch their facial expressions .... i can't stop laughing when i watch it ... it makes me feel happy lol

I have the two parts in my computer ... i sometime just let the movie work , then i just listen to it ... the dialogue is so funny hahahaha ....

it is very good way to improve my listening in English as well lol  


and i am watching the part one now lol

i hope there will be part 3 , 4 , 5  ...etc ... but they must be funny lol

listenup listenup
26-30, M
Mar 14, 2010