My Wife

hi guys just joined and here is my story, I'm 45yrs old and my wife is 35 she has long straight blonde hair and has blue eyes and just shy of six foot a truly beautiful person we have been married for 10years.


I have always fantasied about watching my wife with another man we discussed it drunk one night and we agreed on my wife receiving a massage. i organized it over the net and we left for a dirty weekend in Sydney. The massage was organized for a Friday night, my wife dressed in the shortest and tightest black dress that i have ever seen her in which was cut low at the front and open at the back no bra as you couldn't so she said , well what can i say she made me very excited , a lot of guys were looking at her all night. my wife so she said accidentally drooped her purse and bent down to pick it up in front of a table full of guys to reveal her sexy pink satin panties she looked at me and smiled.

we headed back to the motel , time was near i was so excited and i know Jen was we arrived in the room i had a bourbon my wife sat on the bed with her legs spread so i could just see  her panties, then came the knock at the door, wright on time , he was a good looking gut about 26years , with a English accent good looking guy. well a bit of small talk happened , then they mad there way to the bed , now picture the double bed and at the bottom oth bed was a lounge about 2 meters away that's where i was, my wife undressed and left her panties on he was in shorts, i went to have a shower , so they could have a little time to there selves, i came back in wondering what he was doing my wife was on her stomach he was rubbing inside her thighs rubbing over her panties, he asked her to roll over to which she did , to reveal her large perky breasts  he began to rub her legs her stomach but by passed her ****, just rubbing the sides, after about 45 Min's he sat her up at the end of the bed facing away from me and he sat behind her , he then started to rub her **** and her nipples became erect pretty well straight away , i noticed her legs were open a little, he ran his hands up her thighs and over her panties , he rubbed her ***** for a while and Jen reacted straight away her legs were moving and her toes were moving , i could then see his fingers moving inside and out of my wife , my wife through her head back in to his neck , Jen was so wet i could here her , he then whispered in to her ear , he got off the bed, and my wife turned around in the same motion removing her wet panties to wich she flicked at me . he was getting ready always safe sex,  he then came back on the bed and as he did Jen opened her legs , to wich he entered her his **** was about i guess 8 inch but it was not about that, he started thrusting in her Jen started moaning which i got so excited over , after 10 Min's he rolled over still in Jen and know Jen was on top, she was just lifting off and on , and moaning, she then bent forward and this is the great thing for me he started to thrust in her and then watching her **** swing it was great he started to suck her **** looked great, this went on for about 15Min's and i heard them whisper and Jen laughed, i now know Jen was stroking his balls and he did not want to c..m  so i heard him moan and then i knew he had *** in my wife,  

he got off and had a shower i went over to Jen and rubbed her ***** , then i entered her and started to f...k her knowing another man was just here , he came back out and sat on the same lounge watching me f..k my wife ,then to my surprise Jen said to me she wanted to give him a blow Job, so i invited him back which he came over very quickly, Jen started to suck him i just could not believe what was happening , i watched has his c..k went in and out of my wife's mouth i heard he gag once, i saw his c..k throb and wondered where she was going to allow him to c..m  i heard him say to Jen he was  c.u........g she pulled him out of her mouth and he came all over my wife's **** she then rubbed him around her left nipple, with in minutes he said thanks  and payed him for the massage  Jen kissed him good by with his c..m still on her **** running down , Jen had a shower and came to bed , Jen then told me how much she loved it and when he was fingering her he had one finger in her ***, well we never got much sleep that night ,,and since then had two more massages,  i love the experience and i have no desire to be with other women  and we love each other and enjoy what we do   thanks


watchingthewife watchingthewife
Mar 9, 2010