When I Saw Wifes Mom Pleasuring Herself In Shower..

one afternoon I stopped at my Mother inlaws house. I let myself in and could hear the shower running. I peeked down the hall and could see that the bathroom door was still open. so I made my way toward the bathroom and peeked in. There was my Mother inlaw taking her shower soaping up her body. she spent alot of time soaping her breast and down between her legs. I was really enjoying watching this. as I watched her washing between her legs she put one leg up on the edge of her tub spreading herself more and more as she kept washing her vagina. I couldnt believe what has happening. I was watching her ********** right infront of me. It took her a few minutes to reach her oragsm. I didnt want to stop watching. I stayed as long as I could then left... My wife used to tell me about finding her moms massager when they were growing up. and how she could hear it humming at night in her moms room..Now I love watching my mother inlaw when she pleasures herself...
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nice view you got

well she knows that I have seen her naked a few times. seeing her touching herself got me so turned on I didnt want her to stop. I had to watch her reach ******. Next time I will walk in on her just after she ****, and see how she reacts to me seeing her fingering herself.