My Hot Wife

I have been married for eight years to my wife and in that time frame we have enjoyed the benefits of an open marriage. There is no greater erotic feeling in the world then watching another man enter your woman while you sit back with a drink and watch the show. I have wittnessed this fourteen times in the ears we have been together and I have relished every time.

My wife is 38 years old and is 5'3" 145lbs, natural 40 DD breasts and is brunette. She has a special affinity for younger frat boy style men and with out proximity to a major university we have no shortage of finding them. We usually go to a wonderful little hole in the wall bar in Fairfax, VA where many young college guys hang out. She will dress conservatively yet still show some skin in the right places. I have to tone down my biker appearance in order not to care them off if you know what I mean.

Our MO is to sit her at the bar by herself and see what hits on her. We have had everything from older men, to married guys in town for business. The married guys are the biggest bullshit artists around because they are looking for a piece of strange and you can clearly see the ring outline on their finger. She'll let them hit on her for a few minutes and then give me a sign. Ill walk up behind them and at my height and stature I am 6'6" and weigh about 300lbs they usually leave very qucikly. Anyway this past April we were in there and a young guy named michael came up and sat next to her. He was 21 years old and had a real boyish face. They struck up a conversation and talked for a long time, my Kristen was wearing a a pair of shorts and a blouse with a lot of cleavage showing. As they talked and drank I could tell he was getting into her. He would rest his had on her thigh and touch her arm. After about an hour my wife had to get up and go Pee and I watched him follow her watching her *** the whole time. I followed also and went into the mens room where he was also. As we stood there I could tell he was a little tipsy and he greeted me with a head nod. I asked him if he was having a good night and he said he was talking to a really hot married woman and that he was hoping he was getting laid this evening. It was all I could do to keep from smiling knowing full well if he had made it that far talking with Kristen he was going to ge some.

When I was walking back to my table my wife was back at the bar already and gave me our sign by holding her ring finger up with her diamond on it that signified she had found the one she wanted to ****. I smiled with joy knowing full well that shortly I would be watching his **** going in and out of her. He returned and they chatted for a few minutes more and then I watched her wisper something in his ear and his face turn red. He looked at her and mouthed the word Really? and she nodded yes. She got their tab gave the bartender her credit card and stood up. At that point I had already paid mine and went out to our Excursion and had it running. I saw them come out and walk towards our SUV. A look of fear came over his face when he saw me sitting in the vehicle and he stopped in his tracks. I rolled down the window and said everything was cool and I am all for what is going to happen. He relaxed a little and got in the back with her. I started to drive and its only a 10minute ride to our house so I watched them kiss in the rearview mirror for the ride back. I did hear him ask her if she had ever done this before and I thin khe was a little let doen when she told him many times.

When we got to the house we went in and I got him a beer. We went down to our basement family room and sat down. I threw on a **** tape with women with big **** and we started to watch. He got an instant hard on, so I gave my wife a wink and in one quick move she had her huge **** out and I watched as she put his hands on them. I thought he was going to die! He went right to work sucking her nipples which are very sensitive and she started to breath a little heavy, I watched her hand working on his **** through his shorts. She undid his cargos and slid them off and he looked over at me as if to ask if this was still ok, I just looked at him and said sit back and enjoy whats coming and she slid him in her mouth and began playing with his balls. I could see the spit glistening on his shaft as she slid it in and out of her mouth. The young guy had a pretty impressinve **** on him maybe only six inches long but about as fat as a beer can. He started telling my wife how good she gave head and that his girlfriend did not suck **** well, we asked how old she was and he replied 23 and my wife asked what she would do if she knew he had his **** in another woman mouth right now. He sadi that she would be pissed off! My wife just smiled and went back down on him. I finally said to Kristen that she should show him what he was going to get and with that she stood up and took off her shorts and pink panties to expose her beautiful brunette bush and big hanging lips. My wife keeps her pubic hair trimmed and neat but has these beautiful hanging outer lips that drive guys wild. He could not contain himself and he got up and laid her down on her back. He asked if we had any condoms and my wife told him its bareback or nothing. His eyes glistened with excitement and he said that he has never had sex bareback before. Well in the blink of an eye I watched him position himself and rub his **** up and down on her slit to get it moist. I asked him if he was ready and he said yes, so I said let me see it go in and with that he lifted up a little on his toes and I watched that **** disappear into Kristens ****. She let out a gasp and grabbed my hand and said it was ******* thick.

He started a good rythm and worked on her in the missionary position for what seemed like forever. She came twice as I could see hic **** and ball sack was glistening with her jucies. I had my **** out by this time and was stroking it. Finally I heard the magic words that he uttered and he looked at her and said he was going to *** and I could see him ready himself to pull out. But she firmly placed her hands on his *** cheeks and told him he was going to *** inside her and he stopped in mid stroke. He looked scared and said that he had not *** inside a woman without a rubber on and did not want to get anyone pregnant and looked over at me. I said to him not to worry and go on and empty his balls inside her. She reassured him it was safe and we know it is because she is on the pill, well he started pumping again and before long I heard say here it comes, I got right doen behind him and watched him tense up and sure enough I could see his balls begin to twitch and I hear her groan that she could feel it shooting out. Next thing I knew his *** was running out around his ****, this kid had emptied a massive load into her. I even asked if he had gotten laid lately and he said two nights before he filled a rubber with his girlfriend.

He withdrew his **** and I watched the biggest glob of ***** run out of Kristens ***** onto the couch. As he got up she leaned forward and took his **** in her hand and squeezed it and a large drop of ***** formed on the head which she immediately licked off. He sat doen in the cahir and lit up a smoke. Kristen at that point said it was my turn to *** and began stroking my **** and kneading my balls. It only took me about five minutes to unleash a powerful load all over her face and chest. We all had a smoke after taht and another beer, she went to pee and get cleaned up and I threw my jeans on as Brian put his shorts back on and shirt. I gave him a lift back to his dorm building and he thanked me but asked that if we ever saw him with his girl to never say anything. I told him not to worry and before he left he looked at me and asked if I was sure he was not goingto get my wife pregnant as he wanted no trouble down the line and I said that many guys had put their seed inside her and she never got knocked up.

We have seen him once since that evening and he was with his girl. He came over with her and we made like we knew him from a long time ago. I found it really hot thinking that his cute little girlfriend with the perky **** had no idea that her charming guy had shot his load deep in my wifes ***** the month before. College starts up here in two weeks so we will be on the prowl again soon. 

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We always find it easier to pick men up as a couple. We do it typically while she plays pool with a man while I cheer her on. Teasing her that she is going to loose the game if she doesn't try harder. We keep it light hearted and friendly, teasing that she might have to flash him so he won't make so many shots. Before long he has her boobs in his hand and mouth and we're over at his house as I watch them. Easy Peasy.

You lucky man, having the pleasure of watching your beautiful wife enjoying the attentions of other men, great story. Thanks

Great story my friend and you told it very well. Wished I was younger but I guess I've had my share althou you always have room for 1 more.LOL

My wife also likes a younger lover. She loves it that they are so big and hard. They *** alot too!