Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

And my girl (wife) sure enjoys sex as part of her fun! A man who wants to **** her has to prove he's worthy by dining at the Y (eating her *****) and showing he loves it.  Then, he's in for a great blow job!  She'll suck him until he **** or let him finish by ******* her and *** in her *****.  Either way, I like to see her in action, especially when she's sucking ****, whether it's mine or another man.

I've written about our experiences at adult sex parties where, in some cases, each of us played with multiple people during the evening.  There was one encounter that was especially memorable.  Our regular ********* partner, Jay, had come over for lunch.  All three of us were naked, of course - normal for nudists.  We weren't in any hurry to start having sex.  We were enjoying the sun and a few brewskies.  Then, I had a thought: a neighbor (he and his wife were part of our party group) was at home, so I called to see if he wanted to join us.  We were sitting naked on the deck when he came through the gate, then he (Greg) got naked quickly.

We chatted for a while, then my wife decided she needed some **** for dessert so she knelt on the deck and started sucking my ****.  We decided to take the fun inside since it was a rather warm day and we were about to get hotter!  Once inside, my wife started sucking Jay and Greg started sucking my ****.  Greg is very bisexual.  After a few minutes, my wife started sucking Greg's **** and I worked on Jay's.  Then, Jay went down on me and sucked my **** for a bit.  My wife went back to Jay's **** and Greg started ******* her ***** from behind.  I watched the action for a bit, then Jay wanted some ***** action, so my wife and Greg sucked my ****.while Jay ****** her *****.  We spent the next hour switching around in various ways, with me eating my wife to an ****** at one point while Greg played with my **** and balls and my wife sucked Jay's ****.  By the time we were done, my wife was very satisfied with the attention she got and I loved watching every bit of it!!!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Oct 4, 2012