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From the time we got together, we were in agreement about nudity and sex with other people. Not that we weren't very satisfied with our sex life, but we agreed we both needed the freedom to **** other people, if the situation were right.  We also agreed that we wanted any encounter with other people to be shared between us, so both of us could enjoy it.  As it turned out, the first opportunity that presented itself was a female friend of my wife who needed some additional attention.  Who was I to complain?

Not long after the relationship with the female began, we met a man at a nudist camp who made it obvious that he wanted to **** my wife.  After talking with him a couple of times at the camp, we invited him to our home.  He had a medium build and a nice ****.  He was nervous about proceeding with her while I was present, but we finally got him past his initial hesitation.  My wife wanted to **** him was not not to be denied.  When the actual sex started - foreplay, etc. - he calmed down a lot and showed he was a good lover.  I was enjoying watching what they were doing and playing her as well.  I watched him lick her ***** while I kissed her, then he watched me lick her *****.  He never lost his hardon and was finally ready to put it in her *****, which I watched intently!

Since that first time watching my wife being ****** by another man, we have repeated that type of situation many times.  Playing with another couple gave us both an opportunity to watch each other at the same time.  In any case, I've always liked watching my wife **** another man!
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great story very hot!