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1959 - Middle Of The Night

Good Lord, I know it's a classic movie but...I could have gone my entire life without seeing this one.  Such a depressing film...parallels my life in such an eerie way.  It's a story of an  elderly workaholic widower Jerry (Fredric March) who reaches out to a beautifully damaged young lass named Betty (Kim Novack) who works for him.  She's got problems of her own, beginning with her shaky self-confidence. In the end she realizes just how priviledged she was to be in the midst of such genuine success-in-the-making...a man who truly loved her; but I don't believe that even when she did accept his proposal of marriage, that she truly loved him in the way a young passionate woman would/should love a man.  She craved passion, but wasn't truly attracted to Jerry in that way.  He wanted to be needed, that's what gave him purpose and he could identify Betty's needs, and help her.  The line that sticks in my head in this movie was, "I haven't had ten cents worth of life!  Not a dime, believe me!" Jerry simply adored Betty, and both of their families were completely against the relationship.  Somewhere around the end of the movie, Jerry said something to the effect of, "Love is great, no matter how shabby it may appear to be".  It depressed the HELL out of me...probably because I can relate to it in so many ways.    

Jennifurby Jennifurby 41-45 1 Response Nov 23, 2009

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Oh yea, great movie and book too. I liked the book better but in the movie, Gregory Peck was outstanding.