Is there anyone that loves to cut themselves?
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Me, relapsed today...

I like someone watching me cut myself

I am a cutter and I like watching people it gives me this rush it turns me on in a way I can't explain

I used to, when I was younger. It's not ****** up, there are actual chemical changes that happen in the brain when you self inflict pain that give the "feeling" of emotional release. That being said, I'm not saying you should do it. I'm just saying it's not really all that ****** up, not a typical coping mechanism. Anyway I don't do it anymore. When I was found out, I was placed on anti depressants and monitored to the point where I felt I'd go insane. I haven't felt the urge to do it again until about a month ago. I got a new tattoo instead where I used to cut myself as a teenager. Seemed to do the trick.