Sprinkle Your Sparkle Down On Me

I am so blessed to live way out here in the middle of nowhere. I love walking out into the field at night and admiring the stars. One of my most cherished things in the world is to stand there while the fireflies are out...It's like you're walking among the stars. They're above you and all around, twinkling like diamonds. It's such a beautiful, breathless sight to behold.

One thing I can say about the winter, as much as hate that cold weather, the stars sure do sparkle their brightest during that time of year. I can't tell you how many nights I've stood out there freezing my little butt off because I simply couldn't bring myself to come inside. I wish I could see the stars that brightly every night. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to have a bedroom with an entirely glass ceiling. Then I can see the stars every night...admire them until I drift to sleep....

It doesn't matter how many times you look, or how many hours you've studied them...it's never the same. The stars are the most awe-inspiring thing we can witness with our eyes in my opinion. I mean, you're looking at these rays of light that are actually thousands of years old by the time they reach your eyes...what else has that same ray of light seen and passed before reaching us? They're out there among an entirely different universe....the closest we can get to touching them is either in dreams or those 'stars' you see sparkling on the water when the sun's shining brightly. Maybe that's why they're so fascinating....they're like a fairytale that you always hope will happen to you....completely unattainable. Like a love that you long for, but only burns you in the end....I suppose we're like the moth drawn to a flame....Still yet, you can't help but just stand there spellbound and make your wish...

I get so excited when I see a shooting star. Although, I feel a slight sadness as well because as I watch it magnificently falling into our atmosphere, I know that I'll never see that particular star ever again. It's comforting to know that new stars are constantly being born though, and hey, when they do die they sure go out as a beautiful sight! I try to keep track of the meteor showers so that I can lay out and watch the entire show. I get so sad when I miss them! lol. It was a shooting star that convinced me that my husband was the one. We were still dating at the time and I had been praying non-stop for a sign that he was 'the one'. One night we were in his car and there it went, blazing across the sky and filling me with hope and optimism...I just knew that was my sign. (I no longer believe in signs these days. You can find a sign in ANYTHING if you're looking hard enough:P) That night I just knew it though...that was the first shooting star I had ever seen...and I made my wish...And now I'm married. It's kind of ironic that the thing I took for a sign is now the same thing I can stand beneath searching for peace and reassurance that I made the right decision. I could totally get lost in the stars.....I wish I was a star....

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Thank you ^_^ I hope you get the chance to enjoy the stars often!

I love this! *favourites* You have such a great way with words by the way. I swear I could picture myself in your shoes :D<br />
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I've never seen a shooting star before but dad insists I did once as a kid. I think he's just trying to be nice xD

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^ It's a great time of year to lay out right now...the night is fairly cool, the crickets and frogs are chirping, and the stars are bright....it's very relaxing.

LMAO! you must not live in Kentucky :P <br />
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yeah...it's not weird at all to have a tent in the back yard, front yard, wherever lol i love camping :D

lol, yep! Plus, you can camp out in your own yard at any time and no one would think, 'why on earth do they have a tent in their yard?' hahaha. So what if we're a bunch of rednecks! There IS such a think as sophisticated rednecks. lol. I'm a redneck, but you don't see me dating a cousin or anything. hahaha...

i know...i kind of like the city...to visit....but i don't think i'd like to live there lol give me stars, rednecks, and cornfields any day, and i'm a happy camper lol

haha, that's really funny. No signs, just go with the flow! =P<br />
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I hear ya. It always depresses me when I'm up in the city at night because you can't see any stars!!! I just want to find the breaker and shut all the streetlights off! lol. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to drive away JUST to view the stars. That's so bizarre to me.

oh dear...if shooting stars are signs...the last one i saw was just recently while sitting outside with JB! lol i'm not taking that as a sign tho :P <br />
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i LOVE to watch the stars as well. i couldn't live somewhere where i couldn't see the stars, it would make me sad if i did :( my grandmas house is the BEST place for star gazing...out in the country, no outside lights hindering the view....nothing like watching the stars on a crisp clear night!

I'm the same way Myth. I looooove watching documentaries about them! Sometimes I find it so hard to think of it as reality....they're more like something out of a fantasy.<br />
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I wouldn't want to be a shooting star either. It would be sad to get up there and then, bam: 'Oh no my fellow twinklers! My time is up. Bubye!'

Thank you! You have a beautiful way of phrasing things yourself.