So Bright, So Pretty

I saw the most brilliant shooting star I've ever seen tonight! It was amazing! I'm still excited about it! After seeing it I sat outside for a while and saw 2 more which were beautiful, but nothing compared to that first one. It looked so close that I was actually tempted to walk out through the field and see if I could find a comet laying out there somewhere! lol. Sadly, I couldn't watch for too long because I was hanging out with some friends and they didn't want me to stray off:P lol. I can't wait until the 12th though!!! There is supposed to be a meteor shower and I am sooo ready for it! I'm thinking I might take my blanket, pillow, and some snacks and camp out the whole night. ^_^ Thank goodness the 12th is almost here!
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Yay! I'm kind of worried though...they're calling for rain here on the 12th! I hope the skies will be clear by nightfall! I hope your wishes come true!

Oh wow! That IS really neat! I wonder why they choose new locations for their web so often. I guess due to food supply. I never knew that about the male spiders building smaller webs near the females. Isn't that intriguing...<br />
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Oh my goodness!!!! I just googled the orb spider and it's the same kind that I took pictures of tonight!!! haha. How cool is that?! Of all of the species of spiders:P What a small world!

i just saw a shooting star the other night! i hadn't seen one in a while...prob b/c i hadn't been spending as much time outdoors at night as i should lol it was awesome! i could sit and look at the sky all night long...and have done so on a few occasions lol<br />
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as for the spider...i had a spider that built an enormous web outside my window every morning. i looked it was a type of orb was SO pretty and i would just sit and watch it build its web...even recorded it, but it's a little hard to see through the window lol and just like an orb spider...there was a smaller web in the corner of the ledge...which means the female was building the large web every day and the male was in the smaller web....yeah...i REALLY looked into it lol she did that for probably about a it every morning, take it down every night. kinda awesome :)

hahaha. I actually just took some pictures of a spider that built a web on our porch earlier tonight. It's huge, but it doesn't look so huge in the pictures:P Go figure. lol. I can just imagine you jumping sky high...I did myself when this spider suddenly jerked while I was holding the camera close to it! lol. I let out quite a ridiculous squeal too! It was only a spider, but it startled me!! lol.

That poor little spider probably thought your lap was very comfy too! haha. j/k I would have bolted too!