Sport Year For Everybody

I think it is great year for everybody, who is a sport fan. There is one great sport festival going to being finished up. The UEFA Europain Football Championships, organized in common by Poland and Ukraine. This tournament is closed to be solved. Even though, I can feel just pride that our middle-europain states was able to organize that great sport event. I think that was historic event for citizens of these states. Sincerely speaking, I am completely not furious because of my national team defeat. That is all charm of sport. I can only damn stadium bandits who in minority destroyed this wonderful mood of international fight and fun. I deeply feel sorry for his behaviors. I am also disgusted of those screams "Russian *****! Russian *****!". which was declamating by some radical group of stadium bandits before great football match between Poland and Russia. I am also shocked because of despite of great fight Russia was kicked out of the tournament, I am under heavy shock of Germany being kicked of by Italy. It is great! I am impatiently waiting on final draw between Italy and Spain. Both are great teams and at this time it is hoorrible difficult to tell in one undoubtful way who will be a champion. Generally, according to tradition, hosts are kicked off and there is no final math without south-european team. And...Germany are not able to win tournament! It sounds for me a bit funny also because of 3 of them are born in...Poland(Miroslav Klose, Lukas Podolski and Tim Borowski). And...didn't you see Podolski was not singing German natinal anthem??? I saw it! He thinks about himself a bit Polish. Nice. His family is from Gliwice in Poland. Now, there is next sport event. I think about FILA Light Athletic Euro Championships. It is next great event for everybody who likes real fight and real strengh. It makes them well preparated to the Olympi Games in London. That nex is in August. I think that kind of event is always the greatest event for all fans all the world. Just some ceremonies of opening and closing of this tournament is charming. That relay with torch is a great stage of our ancient and modern tradition of both sport and all over the civilisation. I am waiting on a great atmosphere of unrepeatable sport holiday. I am also waiting for paralympic rivalisation. The disabled athletes are in my opinion greater treassure that those full abled. I am also disabled man, but I am not sportsman. However, I know very well what means to fight for secounds, fight for every move when you are after surgery, it is all able to hurt strongly, but if you want to get fitter you must fight mentally with them and despite of fact of sometimes horrible pain, you must say yourself "Damn it! I must do it!". There is also one specific aspect of every international sport event. You are a kind of national hero for all your countrysiders and you try to think: "I can not fail". It is good, but you must be prepared to defeat. I think there is more common in sport and the other part of life than it seems to be at first sight,
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Jun 30, 2012