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Look, I hate to dwell but Lance messed up the whole sport! Not that he is the only cyclist doping but come on...it just ruins the credibility of the sport. Sure it's awesome to see great athletes competing but honestly it doesn't mean anything if they are cheating.
I want to enjoy true competition. It's okay it isn't some dynamic record breaking time or a string of wins longer than ever. Just compete people! Be fair and enjoy what the sport is about. I love watching the Tour, always have.
I just wish you could expect true athletes competing against each other honestly without cheating and taking short cuts. Do you think Lance still feels so great about all those wins now??? Ugggghhh.
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Any time you have large amounts of money as the end goal you'll have this type of thing.

You think? That's sad...

It's reality, steroids in baseball, football, Olympic athletes..colleges paying players under the table, they even shoot up horses in horse racing. From what I understand Lance wasn't the only one in cycling, others were caught also and some were suspect. Money and power corrupt, always has, always will.

True...at least most fessed up on their own...not like Lance. If he would have come clean in the beginning it would have made a difference how people see him.

I agree...In my opinion he liked that his PR people painted him to look like the perfect athlete/man .....he had to much to lose by admitting to it....kind of like Bill Clinton

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