Easier Times

  It reminded me of as the adults would say "back in the day" when children were children-all they mainly had to worry about was who would they include in their circle of friends and if they would pass their test. Seemed like people were kindhearted

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the wonder years was amazing!!! i loved that show!! it was one of my faves of all time!! i would love to get it if it came out on dvd!!!

have you checked on amazon? I thought it was available on DVD

I want it on dvd but its not on dvd atleast i have not seen it but i do have a few episodes on dvd now recored them when reruns and when it originally aired ... Not sure y its one of my favorite shows but i think it has to do with how its in a narrative way and sort seems real ... and i feel like i been through that in my life but yah one of my favorite shows... Certainly ...