I'm A Woman And I Got Gunged!

I got gunged once. It was in a nightclub. I was there with friends and was aware of a gunge booth on the stage but didn't think anything of it. It turned out that they wanted people nominated to be gunged. I saw a few people get covered in it and must admit I thought it was funny. Later on, my name was called out and before I knew it, my mates were marching me to the stage! I couldn't believe they'd done this to me! I was dressed in a fitted black T-shirt and dark skinny jeans, with high heeled boots. I loved my outfit and couldn't believe they wanted to gunge me! My boots were literally brand new, bought that day, so I quickly took them off as I didn't want them ruined. I continued being frogmarched to the booth in my black / white stripey socks and was put on the seat. They pulled a chain and gallons and gallons of green gunge fell on me. I was totally covered in it and it ended up about a foot deep in the bottom of the booth, with my socked feet in it. I felt really humiliated by it all and hated climbing out of the gunge, with everyone laughing at me. I had to continue my evening covered in muck, and I never found my boots! I actually got a cab home later in just my filthy socks!
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6 Responses Oct 13, 2011

Oh wow- that's a sexy story! I bet it felt good running through your hair though?

I wish there were clubs like that.in the us

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The gunging part sounded good until someone took your boots.

None of the guys there flirt with you? They usually do dig you if youre gunged and grind, trust me go for it next time.

OH, I can't believe somebody stole your boots!! That sucks worse than the gunging.