The Cartoons They Put On Tv These Days: Craziness!

I work nights.

Last night, I finished all my work and dozed off in a chair across from a TV.

When I woke up from my nap, I saw a cartoon on the TV screen.

A large bee of some sort and a fly, stuck in a big spider's web. The two of them were talking and the fly was nervous about his fate.

Suddenly, a large spider crawled towards them and headed straight for the fly.

The fly panicked. The bee tried to talk the spider out of eating the fly. The spider stopped and said, ' what'? in a thick, African American accent.

The bee said something he thought would prevent the spider from eating the fly.

The spider said ' okay then. You eat him' and, picking up the fly, he held it out to the bee.

The bee hesitated and then said ' okay' and opened its mouth.

The fly said ' don't eat me, don't eat me, don't eat me!'

The bee whispered,'I'm not really going to eat you, man'

The fly said ' oh okay' in a small voice. The bee took the fly into his mouth and pretended to chew the fly ( with human teeth).

The spider said 'you have earned my trust'. The bee responded amiably, and the spider seemed to entirely miss the fact that it sounded like the bee was talking with his mouth full of food.

Eventually, the spider crawled away. The bee tried a couple of times to spit the fly out.  Birds were flying over head. The bees' spit hit one of them, it said 'word!' and dropped to the ground, dead.

Then his partner spider showed up and asked where he was. The bee said, ' uh he's gone to get a sorry gift'.

The female spider said ' ohhh really?' and she seemed to think it was really sweet of him.

The male spider was now rushing back clasping something in it's legs, saying ' look what I found!'

At this point, I came out of my astonished daze that anybody would allow such retarded idiotic cartoons on TV for children to watch in the morning.

What subliminal bs are the TV stations putting into these kids brains?

It was Finn and Jake

shaandar shaandar
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Thay started it with spongebob,it seams like thay just want to rot kids brains