My Hero//why Dont People Do This Anymore?

Today my friend and i went into the city, and on the trip there we decided that we would wave to all the other people on the road.

this was fun.

but what really made me think was as we were leaving the city we were stopped at traffic lights just in front of a hotel. by this time we had given up the waving, but as i was looking at the 20 or so strangers standing out the front of the hotel one of them just started waving to me, so i waved back.

He was the first stranger to ever wave to me first.

the ONLY person. out of potentially millions that i have passed during my lifetime.

i know that to some it might seem stupid, but even though i have never met this person, yet only had a short glimpse, i consider him to be my hero.


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3 Responses May 5, 2007

sounds like good clean fun. do you say hi to your neighbors too? one night i went out to a club and told everybody i could "You look like a movie star." people loved it. i said it in a faux-dramatic way, just in passing. if i remember right, everyone reacted positively and my friend laughed all night.

That is so cool. I know how you feel. You will never forget him, will you?

Great story! I don't know why people don't do this anymore. People are not as friendly as they used to be. I think its because there is so much meaness and craziness out there people are affraid to open up.