Busted In The Convenience Store

I'm 69 years old and love to wear a bra, panties, nylons and garter belt under my male clothes as much as possible, but I am terrified of being "caught". Recently, I visited a pro domme in a remote city and she demanded that I drive the 3 hours to her location fully dressed en femme. I was to leave all my male clothes behind, so the whole trip would be en femme. Being very submissive and excited by the challenges this represented, I took on the mission.

After getting fully dressed in a new dress, wig, freshly painted nails and carefully applied makeup (I still don't pass well at all as I'm 6'1 and 230 lbs), I began my journey. Having never driven a car in heels, I quickly learned that I had to take them off to avoid a wreck. It felt really wierd to keep my knees together in my pencil skirt while driving!

While I was merrily driving along, feeling more feminine than ever, I received a call from my Mistress with instructions that I was to stop at a certain convenience store and go inside and get some mints. I sat in the car outside that store for about 15 minutes, watching people come and go and looking for the right opportunity to minimize my humiliation.

Seizing a slow moment, I made my way into the store, found my mints and went to cash register. The very nice lady behind the register greeted me with "Hello, Maam, how are you today?" Well, I tried, as best I could to use a falsetto voice to respond. Then she said that her husband is her sissy maid and that she fully understands my need to be and feel feminine! I confessed to her that I was there at the instructions of my Mistress.

As we were talking, other customers came up and paid at the register, but I could tell that she wanted to continue the conversation. She gave me several makeup tips and had me walk down the aisle of the store in my heels to show her my walk. She told me how to improve my posture and to look ahead while walking, which I found to be very helpful. She asked to see one of my breastforms which I took out and handed to her. We discussed where I got them and the pricing and she said that she needed to get some for her sissy.

Then, she asked for the phone number of my Mistress and she called Her right there in front of me to further humiliate me - now in front of other customers. They talked about me and my predicament, further shaming me in front of others. She then told me that my Mistress was in a hurry, so I had better be moving on, which I did.

While the visit to my Mistress was great and very exciting, the whole process of going totally en femme, with no male clothes to fall back upon, added considerably to my experience. I even stopped back at the convenience store on my return later in the day, but my 'friend' was no longer working! I guess I felt that I needed some more of her advice and direction and had hopes of starting a real, non-professional relationship.

Now, I am considering a return trip to the C store dressed in drab to see how she deals with me. Secretly, I guess I hope that she humiliates me some more! I am loving it!
DonnaSue10 DonnaSue10
66-70, M
Jan 15, 2013