Arm Floaties Or Water Wings For Swimming

Hi even though i can float well in enough in the swimming pool. I still can't get over wearing arm floaties. I find that wearing them makes me feel confident in the pool. I got a number of positive remarks from the other pool goers. And some said i need not wear them as they're not life-saving device. Are there anyone out there who feels confident & content wearing them Please post your comments Thanks........... (:
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Hey there! I always wear water wings in the pool

I see well I have the same thing but trying to forget about it although I confess this it is not because of what others think of it; but because it is a choice I have to make

My family dosn't know. When I was 12 my mom told me I was "too old" to be wearing waterwings. That made me mad because I really enjoyed them. I played w/ them anyway at home in bed or when my folks were away. Once I found a store nearby that sells them, I started wearing them in public and remembered how much I like waterwings for swimming.

Even your family too they were cool with it ? Just asking because I have something similar

No they are cool with it. My close friends know I'm not normal (what is "normal" anyway?). I have never really understood some people's constant desire to fit in. I like doing my own thing and am comfortable being "me".

I see and they don't make fun of you or anything Like that ? I am surprised at that

I started using water wings as an adult about 6 years ago. Yes, some of my friends do know and I don't care.

If you want to wear either Arm Floaties or Water Wings when swimming; then wear em. but the real question is how long have you been wearing them ? and do the people you are friends with know about this ?

For those of us that love wearing water wings check out this website: There are some great pics of guys and girls wearing water wings in a pool!

I really like wearing water wings also. I use them at the lake where I swim. I love just floating and feel safe w/ them on. I love the feel of them inflated on my arms and can stay in the water for hours. The ones I use are actually adult size. I made my own custom size so they are really large.