Go Down The Water Slide Again...

Some women where I swim told me in the hot tub, they're gonna go down the water slide this week. You see, the little kids who come in for swim lessons are off, til new years. So we have it all to ourselves. So I've decided to do it with them.... even if I'm like 32, and they're sixty-ish.... lol!

Yeah, I'm gonna do it with them... only I haven't since I was a kid. Then I liked to hold my legs up by my head, so I skipped across the water on my back when I popped out of the tube.... Only now, to do that in a skimpy swimming suit feels like it would be awfully slutty, bottoms first, legs up....

Okay enough I will!!!!
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Ohhh so fun... let me know if you need help getting out of the water... I'll hold you lol

sounds fun!!!

Maybe going head first on your belly increases the chance of losing your bottoms.

How did it go and were there any 'accidents'?

We had a pretty good time when we did. It was early Saturday morning, so mostly the only others there were the lifeguards and our friends, who all thought it was hilarious. One side is a tube thing, where you sit in a tube. The other side you go down on your butt, or back... by yourself.

I did them both, but my friends liked how I did the bareback side.... I rolled onto my back, and held my toes bottoms out and I shot down and out the tube.... trying to act like a little kid,but the adults all got a kick out of how I did it, and how immature it looked, (and how slutty) for a thirty year old woman in a worn out one piece red speedo swimsuit. ;)-

Not slutty or immature-FUN!

NOT slutty at all.... age is just a number... attitude of mind is what counts...
Keep having fun and enjoy it!
30's is still YOUNG!

Try undoing your top just after you start down. You will probably lose it and you can surely make it look accidental. It will come down eventually, but I am sure you will have lots of fun waiting for it. I had a g/f that did that lots and it was always a hoot.

believe it or not, I did it with my bottoms..... and believe it or not, although I could show have my *ss, I could not get them to come off!!!

sounds like you had fun! had a wedgie afterwards?

I'm not sure how to answer this, because I always pretend that I do.... What I mean to say is I spend most of my time out of the water adjusting it, trying to pull the bottoms down into place again. So I probably had a 'wedgie' lol, or at least I think I did.

giving the lifeguards plenty to see huh?! im sure you got a lot of attention from them afterwards!

I always get a lot of attention from them, I'm a "regular"!

love it! :D any more naughty slide stories? ;)

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Please report back after you do it. Sounds like a fun little adventure!

oh, we did it, and all the lifeguards were watching. Probably do it again, this weekend, especially if we can get any men to go with us....

Sound like fun

we did it Saturday... it was.

Tell me more

Well, we're gonna do it again this Saturday. This time, I'm gonna roll way back, and kick my legs up, like I was little again.... that's how we'd do it to see if we could skip across the water when we hit it. LOL kids, having fun

You're a hoot... I hope the slide is big enough for adults. I'd hate to read a story that you got wedged inside the tube in a precarious position...lol

yeah, there are two slide side by side, one for tubes and one for just yourself. I popped out and nearly lost my glasses (I'm blind without them)

Well, we did it... and I held my legs up... but there was hardly anyone there to see! But the lifeguards who were watching us loved it; they said we were great! The first time they'd seen a grown woman shoot out of the tube holding her toes (butt out) LMAO!!!

that is awesome!!

next time I'll have to have my roomie take one...

Hold on to your top, I've seen them disapear from the impact when you hit the water.

I was holding my toes, butt forward, to see if I could skip across the water... Well, no...but I did make a few hearts skip a beat! LOL

Sure go for it and have a good time. It is all about having fun.

that's what we plan to do....