I sometime make a quick Starbucks run, wearing black yoga pants, flip flops and hoodie sweater, its comfortable. I get a few stares from people, but I find them to be positive. Most men do not go out in public dressed this way, but I figured I'd give it a try. The women in my yoga class do it all the time, it just looks so natural. Since I do have sexy shapely legs and a tight round bottom, I figured that my tight yoga pants would accentuate my body, therefore I would be able to get away with it. I really do enjoy stepping out in black yoga pants and black rubber flip flops, just like the sexy, cute girls in my yoga class.

When I wear this, I notice that I draw alot of attention from men without trying to. It seems that they enjoy looking at a nice toned figure in tight pants. They probably imagine for a few seconds that they are looking at an attractive gal, when they look at me. A few months back, I caught a few men staring at my firm behind, while bending over at my car, to put my groceries away. It gave me quite the rush! And another time, I was whistled at and called sexy, while pumping gas. This time, I got in my car quickly because I felt my 8 inch rod getting hard. I was really turned on. They probably thought I was a woman.

I now understand why women like being out in yoga pants and flip flops so much. Its casual, comfortable and a bit sexy.
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Just wondering, do u wear underwear when u throw them on?... I wouldn't.

It is a rush !

Loved reading this! And your outfit sounds great. Tight black yoga pants look great on anyone with nice legs! Like you, I love showing off my legs in girly clothes-- not just yoga pants, but leggings, and even black tights when I'm in a daring mood. It's such a rush!