The Park

It was a nice saturday morning and my grandmother wanted to go to the park for a while(it's a good thing that my grandmother lived about hour from us so no one knew me) she had just goten me a new stroller so she could push her 7 yr.old toddler around the park.
Well when we get there she runs into a friend of her's who also has a toddler in her storller so they deside to put a big blanket out for us little ones,now this other lady's toddler is just that a toddler and i'm a 7yr.old boy in diapers and plastic baby pants and is being treated like a toddler so the two of us are put on this blanket and we start to play,at that point laying there playing with another toddler in diapers it was great i felt just like a baby in diapers having fun when that urge came i had to go pee really bad well i was in a diaper and i did have plastic pants on just like a baby does and i'm next to one so i just went and about half hour later Granny (that's what she like to be called) runs her finger under my plastic pants to check if i need a diaper change and you guessed it i sure did when i saw her reaching in to get a diaper out i said"are you ghoing to change my diaper right here" and with that she said"of course i am" and with that right there in front of that other lady in the mid morning at a park i'm getting my diaper changed Granny said"don't worry about it they all think you are a baby" so i just act like one getting his diaper changed and you know i kinda of like it i was just like a toddler in diapers again!!!!!
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nothing like getting a public changing

I know i was so embarrassed, but after the first and second time i felt more like a toddler or baby than anything so it wasn\'t so bad

oh yea can grama do me love too have her

Miss granny when i was little she always was wanting me to be a baby again, she was forever trying to put me back in diapers, but that\'s another story :)

Mmm interesting maybe me and my gale can play mommy and daddy with you

You mean i can be your little girl? Tell Mommy i just wet my diapers i no dirty them i'm a big girl when it comes to that... and i eat real toddler food too and still suck on a bottle and that ok??

Of course it is I love toddlers and we will take very good care of our babies

Then i guess i can call you Daddy? and i have a Mommy too? and Daddy will you be changing my diapers too i no peepeey on you i big girl i don't do that any more!!
And i hope you want a toddler girl or do you want both a boy and a girl???

We like girls mommy like to dress her girl in pretty clothes. I like to hold my baby on my lap and cuddle you to sleep while rocking you

I like that :) i like that alot can i still suck on my bottle and pacifier?? and i like to wear cloth diapers and plastic baby pant too the kind with nursery prints on them i still like my Rhumba pants too.....



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