I Like To Be Dispersed By My Wife And Changed Too

It all started 6 yrs ago when I became incontinent and had to wear diapers but sometimes I was to lazy to put a diaper on and I would pee my pants and get the furniture wet along with everything else I would sit on.Their were times I would wet the bed because I forget to put a diaper on.Now my wife was pretty mad and put a rubber sheet on my side of the bed and took control of all my dispersing needs, now instead of wearing disposable diapers I wear both.I saw her on the internet looking for adult cloth diapers and rubber baby pants by Gary Inc, and then she went onto another site to buy other stuff but I didn't see what, and now that I get my diapers put on by my wife and changed I don't pee on the furniture or wet the bed now I pee my
diapers and my wife told me sense you don't work anymore and your on disability and your so lazy I'm going to just treat you like a baby.When all your stuff gets here that ordered you will then be treated like a baby, and you will not disobey me you will do what I tell you to do you understand me baby boy, Well the day ends and the next morning my wife changes my diaper and we go downstairs for breakfast and while we are eating our breakfast the doorbell rings it's UPS with 3 large boxes and my wife signs because it Was such a big order.Now we both start to open the boxes and it's all adult baby things in my box like babybottles and big ones too, large baby bibs 3 of them and a couple of large baby spoons along with large baby bowls and the box also had large babywipes two tubs and also a large jar of diaper rash cream and my wife's box contain large adult cloth diapers 3dozens of them along 6 pairs of rubber pants with all kinds of animals and different colors along with 4 sets of large diaper pins in different colors and 6 oneies in all colors and all kinds of animals and toys on them.Now the 3ed box had large pacifiers, and large radles and all kinds of large baby toys and stuff bears and bunnies that are wearing diapers.Now after everything is unpacked we both take the boxes upstairs into our bedroom and we start to put all my diapers in my drawers because my wife cleaned out my drawers yesterday and they are completely empty to make room for my diapers and rubber pants along with my oneies, so now my underwear drawers are filled with my diapers and rubber pants and my oneies and also 2 diaper changing pads and the 3ed box also had my diaper bag witch my wife had the company filled with powders and lotions just for baby's.Now my wife lays me down on the changing pad and starts to change me and she smell something and sees that it's coming from my diaper I pooped my diaper and my wife said me you are a baby aren't you and then she cleans me up with large babywipes gets a couple of cloth diapers
out from my drawer along with a pair of rubber pants and a oneies along with 2 sets of diaper pins and baby powder and baby lotion from the diaper bag and diaper rash cream from the box
that had the large babybottles and the feeding stuff, and then she finished cleaning me up then she spreads diaper rash cream on me and then squirts babylotion on me along with babypowder pins all 4 diaper pins on me slips on my rubber pants over my diapers making sure my diapers are completely covered so no wicking will happened then she put a oneies on me to keep my diapers in place and to cover my diapers up and then puts me down for a nap.

( To be continued)
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how luck are you