Opps! Is That A Diaper You're Wearing?

On a hot night last July, I was rudely awakened by the smoke alarm system.  My wife and I were staying at her family's summer cottage on Lake Michigan.  All five bedrooms were fully occupied.  We all met in the hallway, half asleep and confused.  Soon we spread out with flashlights to examine each smoke detector around the cottage.  They are all wired together.  When one goes off, they all go off. 

Just as suddenly as the alarm started, it stopped - and again for apparently no reason.  After a brief discussion to leave a further examination until morning, we all went back to bed.

As I settled back in bed, I suddenly realized I had just walked all around the place in just my t-shirt and diaper.  While the diaper cover is light-green nylon, it has a series of adjusting snaps that make the diaper obvious.  Between being half asleep and concentrating on searching out the ceilings, maybe nobody really noticed what I was wearing.  Or they did see it and didn't say anything.  Don't know.  Or maybe there's been a discussion raging around the family about who's going to ask me about the diapers.  It's been more than a month now and I've heard nothing. 

While my wife has known about my diapers for ten years, I've tried to keep them secret from others.  Maybe the secret is out.  If it is, I'll be open and explain the reasons when asked.  Until then, I'm just keep on being wet, warm and happy in my diapers. 
WinStuart WinStuart
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Wow.............Maybe you got away with one there. I used to wear one when I was on a volunteer fire dept. but kept it hid under my bunker gear. I was always worried about getting caught then.

Thanks for your comment Carl2229: You're right on a couple counts. It probably would turn out to be a dream if my secret came out to my family. It would make it easier not to have to worry about hiding the diapers. <br />
<br />
And yes, this rime I wasn't wearing a nursery print on my diapers or plastic pant. But most of my diapers and pants have delightful baby characters.

@WinStuart:<br />
If any of the others had any idea and also respect for you, I doubt they would say anything. I have a couple of friends whom I have never told, but I believe they know that I wear diapers 24/7. They have said nothing to me about it. They also know that I had a challenging life... Crashes et al.

Thanks, Carl2229: Next week we re-install all the smoke detectors. The whole set was replaced by the maufacturer after we sent in the originals. Hoepfully, the problem is fixed.<br />
Today is a clean the house and laundry day. I wear only a T-shirt and diapers to stay comfortable and to enjoy myself. I'm wearing a thick Kins pull-up cotton diaper with bright nursery characters all over it. When I get all the house work done, I'm going to treat myself to a movie and will wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under my shorts so I can see the whole movie without leaving for the restrooms. Plan to stay wet and warm all day! Should be a fun day