I Just Feel Secure...

I used to wear pull ups when i would go to my sisters, I was thirteen when i first did. Its not like im an adult baby or anything i just like the feel, i feel secure when i wear them. I have to pee every half hour, So i wear them on my hour ride to work, and throughout the day. I only pee in them if i cant make it to a restroom, and do not like to sit in them for over half an hour if i half I also wear them to bed during my period. I dont know if it is wrong of me to like the feeling or if this means there is something wrong with me... Im 20... Plz help
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Nothing wrong with you, or me.

hey im 39 and I wear them 24/7 I dont use them because I hav to I just like being comfortable and the way they fill

Nothing wrong with it.

I LOVE wearing diapers! They're fun when they're dry, and more fun when they become wet.

No need to feel ashamed here. Nobody is judging you, at least im not. I can totally relate to the feelings you have. I am 21. So what? you like to wear pull ups! All they are is underwear that happen to absorb pee lol. No need to feel different. LOTS of people feel the same way about pull ups and diapers. I feel great in goodnites and I can understand how you feel. Maybe we can chat some time? =)

Nothing wrong with liking diapers.I do and i don't need to .diaper help me slepp at night and my wife is ok with me waring diapers

Just embrace your choices in life and try not to worry too much about what society tries to tell you is wrong. Society hasn't a clue...

Absolutely nothing wrong with you.

if i makes u happy and secure, then u shouldn't feel wierd,

Nope nothing wrong with you....Well maybe a little denial for something beyond the surface of wearing. Just do it, and don't feel bad or guilty!

I used to think there was something wrong with me for doing this but there thousands and thousands of us out here doing it. I love it. It makes me feel whole. If you only pee in them and it feels good try pooping in them. That's even better!