I bought a pack of diapers a few weeks ago but hadn't had a chance to use any. I had some things to do in the city center and decided it was time. I wanted to wear jeans but I didn't know about leaking and stuff so I wore a mini skirt so short that if I bent over you would defiantly see the diaper I put a few spare diapers in my bag and got going. As I stood at the bus stop I drank two cokes and I felt a bit of pressure so I let out a long squirt as I walked up the stairs. The warm pee felt beautiful around my tight little *****. I sat down the back and looked at my diaper under my skirt the little gauge on the first bearly registered the wetting so I let out more till the gauge was 1/4 full then I started drinking a bottle of 7up (I had lots of drinks in my bag)I peed all day whenever I felt it until lunch. I went to a fast food place and changed the heavy diaper before ordering . I went upstairs to eat a man came up after me and feeling naughty I knocked a menu thing off the table. It slid to the middle I walked over faced my back to him and bent over reveling my obvious diaper when I sat down he had his mouth open with half chewed food I ?giggledas I picked up my things to leave and a thought came to my mind. I walked to his table and said
"It wasn't wet(pause)it is now ;)"
I peed on the bus ride home and any time I needed after that I even wore a very full one to collect my chinese food at the door either nothing else but a t-shirt. I changed before getting in bed to watch TV. I wet it all night and when I woke up but I tired to pee while making breakfast but it leaked. So I pulled off the diaper and just peed.

I hope you enjoy I did I had alot of fun that night ;) more to come.
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7 Responses May 22, 2012

i did enjoy :-)
can't wait to hear more!

So beautiful. Wish I'd been that guy, and have you wet your diaper in front of me

Ido like your exhibition in the restaurant.
I understand your pleasure to wet yourself in public places.
Very arousing !

nice story ;)

You females are so lucky to tease us guys like that. We don't get a chance to show off to you like that (Although I would like to.).

Awww so cute. Glad you have found joy in wearing/using diapers.

If you had said that to me you would have gotten a different response - something like clearing the table and making wild wet sex on the table