Helping A Neighbour

I am house sitting for some family friends they have this big beautiful house they built themselves in the country they only have 1 neighbour across the road a family of four to busy to notice me. I had brought a hefty supplie of diapers. I walked around wearing nothing but my diaper and a bra(I really have too my breasts are to big to leave out they can be painful). I checked the gauge on the front before I peed out my full bladder that I was riggling to keep under control. It wouldn't hold a full wetting . I was about to go change my diaper when I heard a knock. I grabbed a hoddie and hid the rest of me behind the door as I opened it. It was the woman from over the road with the two kids she wanted to know if I wanted anything at the shop.I was letting out large spurts the whole time and the diaper started to leak I quickly told her I needed nothing and slammed the door feeling bad as my bladder emptied making a puddle on the carpet. I changed and cleaned up. I also put a dressing gown by the door just in case. I looked out the window as the neighbour returned from the upstairs window and I saw a very obvious wet patch on the youngest child. I smiled wondering if he'd grow up to like this stuff. After a long bath and a good long cuddle with the messaging shower head I was sitting with my diaper half full infront of the TV when a knock came again. I had the robe on this time. It was the husband with a DVD they had rented and finished. They wanted to know if I wanted I reached out to take it and my robe fell open. The husband looked at me shocked. I pulled the robe closed and apologized but was giggling inside.
"Do you need it? "He asked
"No"I told him
"Is it like nice? "He stammered
I'll never forget what he said next and I wonder how many people are like this he said:
"Lucky boyfriend you'll have. I wish my wife was kinky"
He walked away and that night before I went to bed I looked across the road and saw the two going at it like rabbits against the window. I pulled up a chair and watched rubbing my ***** threw the fresh diaper. As he finished he looked over and saw me. I closed the blind and went to bed with my vibrator on full inside my dry diaper. He came over the next day and asked me ideas of how to up their sex life. Apparently he tried peeing on her and it worked but he wants and not just pee stuff but he is totally against any **** stuff so if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear.
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He should try to get them both in an oversize diaper so she will get used to the feel.