Mom Gave Me Adult Pull Ups

My mother can be full of surprises. Yesterday we go out on an outing and before we leave, she grabs a pack of disposable underwear and asks me if they are the right size for me. I look and said they were and asked her where did she get them and she said someone gave them to her at work because they didn't fit someone so they gave them to her. My mom is a nurse so she works in homes taking care of the elderly who are dying. I told her I could use them. She also gave me diaper rash cream when we got back. She used to be opposed to my diaper wearing even though she let me do it and she told me she has gotten used to it and has learned to accept it and it's who I am. Now she is giving me diapers? I wonder if she ever give me real ones if any were given to her?

Today in the kitchen I was getting some cheese cake and mom made a comment about my outfit I had on. Then she asked me if the underwear I have on is what she gave me and I looked and saw my pull ups were sticking out of my pants and told her yeah they are and thanks for giving them to me. She told me she liked them better than the other ones (cloth diapers) that make it look like I have a fat ***.

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Mother's are great, understanding. Can't beat wet fun.

You have a cool Mom

<p>At least having your mom know makes it a bit more comfortable to interact with her, knowing that there won't be any surprises with regard to your diapers. I wish I'd been able to get to that point of understanding and acceptance with my mom before she passed... Funny enough, I ended up changing my dad's for his last couple of years on the earth, and it was not a very pleasant experience, but at least he got treated with understanding & dignity...</P>

hmmm Would love to find a woman like you who wears diapers.
That would be a dream come true.

They are thinner than cloth, and while both are fun to wet, cloth distributes the wetness around better.

Wish someone would give me diapers.