My First Time Grabbing Some Pull Ups On The Store

when i get to the store im 16 i feel the courage to go and get them but i was scared someone said something nobody said nothing and that make me feel good so i hid them on my school backpak and then go to my house to wear one im size 4t-5t they fitme very well exept when thing are getting hard i enjoyyed being in diaper my mom dont know and i dont have the courage to said to her :( i dont got a dad and is awful i wish someone can help me im feeling so bad and also my GF dont know i feel like the walls will come down i sleep with my bro so i had to hide them so well :/ hope he dont look at them when hes looking the wardrobe i sleep with him and is more awful what i should do and also i wet the diaper and it never lik so the cars pull us are awesome and they resist a lot next time i dont know what to do im frustrated and i dont got the valor to go to my mom and tell i wet sometimes :( i think i need a lot of help my mom dont understand the bad thing is a live in a small room and i dont have enough space to hide them what should i do
ghostalex ghostalex
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

i hope so they dont found them is under my matress :/ but i sleep with my bro so im abit nervous just a bit but i will try to do something idk it felt weird

Don't hide them in your room find a hiding place in the house away from all things I hid mine inside a couch coushin they were never found add me for more help