First Time Was After I Graduated College

I always knew I wanted to wear diapers but I couldn't as long as I was living with my parents.  Finally, after I got out of college I had a place of my own and one of the first things I did was go buy some adult diapers.  I wear them all the time when I'm at home and occasionally even wear to work.

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3 Responses Oct 12, 2008

Still at my parents house so if I want high qual diapers I have to get home before my parents to meet the ups man so my dad doesnt get the package before me since we both have the same first name. Like if he comes home sees a package marked with his name he opens it and finds the diapers I ordered online.

Maybe you should order diapers and such using your first or middle name. Which ever your dad does not use.

I can relate to your story. I would wear a baby diaper from time to time that I could get without someone noticing, but had to wait until I was out of the house before I got my first adult diapers. I don't wear to work as it would be too hard to conceal in an office environment, but wear at home most all of the time. I'm pretty much diapered all weekend regardless of where I'm at or what I'm doing. Nobody has ever noticed. I don't miss public restrooms one bit.

My parents would have had me in a shrinks office in seconds. They were pretty up tight about a lot of things.