Hi I'm looking for supportive friends who understand and know what it's like to be a ABDL. Right now I'm in the process of becoming a bed wetter; so any tips would be grate! Altho I will admit I've kinda been stalking and looking around at many of the peoples expectancies on on this sight and I must say thy have been very helpful! Also if there is anyone that lives in southern California, Ventura area I would love to meet in person with someone that share's the same desires.
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OK, if you are finding that you your bladder is not full enough to wake you during the night, you could try setting a cellphone on alarm for once or twice a night, very late. Then you wet the diaper in hopes that the feeling of being wet will become familiar and comfortable (as it should!). Part of this is that the body becomes used to that schedule and may eventually do it without the alarm. While the ultimate goal is to wet in your sleep, being conscious to enjoy the feeling isn't bad.
As for gorging yourself with water, you might try other drinks which may improve the color and aroma of your pee. These always have been a turn-on for me. Also, rather than drinking a bunch jest before bed, start hydrating way way before i hopes that you may already feel some need to bed when it is bedtime. Of course, peeing before bed is forbidden.
Ever try cloth diapers and plastic incontinence pants? They are more fun.

The theory is....wear diapers to bed, and drink a lot before bed. When you wake up to pee, just let it flow into the diaper. Eventually, you should start peeing without waking up. At least, that's the what I've heard. Good luck.

Dang thanks!
Im trying this right now, except I can't seem to wake up in the middle the night to let it out. I think I need to drink more water, its just that when I drink more then 16oz it just make's me sick and a lot harder to go to sleep.

Mins before u go to bed drink a lot of water like 2 big cups of water