The Reason Why

I was made to wear diapers after wetting the bed in a diaper at one of my friends house. My so-called friends made fun of me, but my friend who also wore diapers stuck up for me. I then started to realize how well he behaved. I then made the connection between his good behavior and him wearing diapers. I finally learned that I was not getting out of the diapers anytime soon. So I started liking wearing diapers because my behavior was changed after being humbly made to wear them. Plus they are so convenient.

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4 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Just remember you have a friend to talk things over with. Keep in touch on EP and we will help all we can. Look forward to your future stories.

bedwetting can be fun if you just get over the fear of diapers just a form of underpants

i want t owear diapers and im 13 shold i just start wetting thee bed on pourpous or wat help

i see knowing wrong with wearing diapers and using them as long as you are truely happy.