I Love My Skinny Jeans But...

I love my skinny jeans they make my @*s and legs look AMAZING. I think nothing does a girl more justice then a well fitted dress. I feel most comfort in my dresses. Most of my closet is just dresses and skirts. I only have to pair of jeans. There mostly just worn for the winter, one pair of jeans are worn to school while the other is in the wash. My man wears his band tees and jeans; while I prance around in my cute colored floral dresses. It is also the closes thing I’ll get to public nudity. It’s easy to wear just slip it on and accessorize it. My favorite is my white ruffled dress paired with my brown belt and brown flats. I don’t know what it is about a dress but it makes me feel so feminine and girly. It is why I love them so much. I love skirts to with a cute blouse but it still isn’t the same as a dress.
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

It's nothing better then wearing a summer dress without anything underneath and have a nice walk in public...

There is nothing better than plus size gals..Mea West, the Gabor twins, Shelly Winters, Queen lateefa,.The girl from American idol...JEn lopez,Kim Kardashian..the list go's on and on..Love booty,Makes a woman a woman.;-)

Some of the most fun I have had with a woman is one just your size, never be afraid of your beauty sweetie. I just be you are a heart stopper. I would love to show you how you should be loved!