See Through Dress

i just got a new sun dress a few days ago and it is a tank top dress and short, but not mini. it is white with big red yellow and green flowers all over it.
i have never worn a tank top dress before because i always wear a bra. BUT i thought i would try it. i went to the park because it was a very nice day to get out and walk around. when i got there the lake had been drained for some reason and the fisherman were having a hard time of it. one guy came up to me saying how pritty my dress was and how nice i looked in it. after talking awhile he said that he could see my red lace panties right through the dress and that he liked what he saw. then he said he could see my nipples too. not being use to a tank top and having it rubbing against my nipples, they were very hard and standing straight out and showing through the meterial.he then asked if i would like to take a walk back into the woods with him. he was a real looker, but he was dirty from fishing and smelled like fish too, and that was a turn off, and i was wearing a new dress that i did not want to get dirty, so i said thanks, maybe another time and left the park thinking, i almost got laid, all right. i think i like this dress. maybe black panties next time.
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Why are you so disgusting? Im not trying to be mean but what the heck! You are just ew! And vain too and creepy!

Ew you people are the most disgusting people eva!

Hey since everyone can see you why not just go out naked you fool!

Ok you people are sick!

This sounds awesome!

Sound like you had a very good time !!

The most erotic and sexy gift my bf was see through bra, tiny panties and nightie. Once I wore nightie only, nothing under it, and second time only see through bra and panties. Both times my bf got horny instantly. The end game you can well imagine. xylolita

Fabulous sweetie

if i were the man ,i think i was very very lucky ....u dress is so cute ...

i like wearing nude bra and panties under anything sheer

In September of this year, my daughters asked my husband and I to go to a Haunted House near St. Louis. They'd chosen a night that was quite warm, no coats necessary. There was just one stipulation. We had to wear sheer mini dresses. Not the micro-micros that Chloe wears to her bartending job. And they all had to be the same design and style, just different colors.....they'd already picked out the dresses.<br />
<br />
My biggest worry? Kids go to Haunted Houses!<br />
<br />
"No problem," they grinned devilishly at me. "We'll go on a Tuesday night. It's mostly adults and some little kids." Fortunately, they added jackets to our ensemble, so at least while we were standing in line, there wouldn't be three sets of headlights screaming "Look at Me!"<br />
Of course my husband was on board for this...he wouldn't miss this for the world. I knew my son in law would get a kick out of it. Chloe was between boyfriends, so it wouldn't be long before the boys would be moths and she'd be the light bulb.<br />
<br />
The jackets only covered boobs......******* and ***** were still on display, but we hoped they wouldn't be as obvious as boobs. But still, we were taking a chance....after all, they do have security.<br />
<br />
As it turned out, security was our friend......kept the unnecessary advances away, and they were VERY friendly. We got through without incident.....just a lot of looks and more than a few smiles. Afterward we went to a very dark little restaurant, and my husband went in to check out the lighting to see if we could leave the jackets in the car. Good luck, very dark.<br />
<br />
We ditched the jackets and went in wearing only our sheer little dresses. We were treated with the utmost courtesy and the service was outstanding. They even invited us to return...... and return often. Chloe met a guy at the Haunted House and invited him to come to dinner.......but I think it was too much for him. He called her a few days later, and they began dating.........and he later confessed. He couldn't go to the restaurant because he knew he wouldn't be able to sit down. :-)

I love wearing Kilts and the occasional skirt. Panties too - way more comfy than mens

sure you looked beatiful and sexy.

Good call on the dress. I like them too, but I ditch the panties. You should try it. After the intial embarassment, you'll love the feeling of power by being pantiless in public.

i know, me too, but the ones you can see through, just a little are such a turn on, for me and them too. lets face it i am just a big teas