Being A Girl For The Summer

when i was 18 i was in a drum and bugle corp, back then they were every where. i was a solo soprano with sever corps through the years. i became friends with some girls in a rifle line of another corp and would hang out with them at there practices a lot and even started spinning a rifle and became quit good at it. they had an opening in there line and asked me to fill it and march with them that summer and i said yet. BUT the female instructor said if i wanted to march with them i had to wear the same uniform as the girls because she did not want to break up the look of the line with a boy.well i got so excited at the thought of marching as a girl in a skirt i almost lost it. but i did not let on. all the girls said come on they would help me pass as a girl and i said yes. a few weeks latter i was fitted in my uniform. when the girls did my hair and make up you could not tell me apart from them in uniform. i even got to ride on the girls bus. the day of the first show came and i started to get scared of being caught, but the girls comped me down. they got dressed on the bus on the on the way to the show. they told me to sit there on the back seat and they would do me last. OMG they striped down to there panties and bras right in front of me and got dressed. now me. i took off my shirt and shorts and stepped into the skirt. then they had me put on a bra from one of the girls and they stuffed it. then the blouse and boots. then they started on my make up and hair. there colors were red and black so red lipstick and ruse. when they were done i looked like one of them. then i was given a box. in it was a pair of red petite pants with black lace all over them. they said take off my under pants and put them on because we all wear them and they lifted up there skirts to show me. so off with my under pants and on with these soft and silky petite pants. GOD WHAT A TURN ON. when we spun around the full skirts would fly up and show off our undies. what a night that was. it was great and no one knew.
more to follow, it gets better!!!!
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Wow ! Amazing story !!

Fabulous sweetie

Sounds like you had a great summer ... and I can hardly wait for the "more to follow" part you promised.

sounds like a fun time. can you add me as a friend I tried and your settings don't allow it

do you mean the Garfield Cadets, if so you still had a great summer. i saw them from time to time. when i was in Blue Rock we beat the cadets at the N.J. state championships one year. what a night that was.<br />
love Rhonda

What a wondderful and exciting story. I ws in Cadets at the same age and there were no females alowed at the time. If they had looked under my uniform, they would have been very suprised. I wish I had as good as summer as you had.<br />
<br />
And, yes, it is so much fun living full time as a women now!

what corps was it?

most young boys could pass quite easily if they tried I think. Especially if they were in a group of girls. I so wish I had done more of it when I was younger.

A lovely story.

WOW!!! How geat that must have been. I wish I coud have been you. I'd have learned everything I ever wanted to know about being fem, especially make up. You are one lucky gurl !!

IT WAS ONE OF MY BEST SUMMERS, but now i live full time as a women i am so happy doing so

What a way to spend the summer. Fantasy or truth you write a very good story.

what summer fun

That's great, sounds wonderful! :)<br />
Don't stop! Be a nice girl in a sexy short skirt or a nice summer dress!<br />
I love it to wear skirts or dresses in public...

you have know idea, reed my next one