My Summer As A Girl

picking up from where i left off..
these girls were like sisters. they dressed alike, went every where together and i was one of them now. wheeeee
when we walked off the bus to practice for the show i was so scared i could hardly walk, so they made me worm them up and that took my mind off of it. we were doing toss turn a rounds and people started to stop and watch. every time we would spin around our skirts would fly up and show off out red and black undies. then it was time to get lined up to go out on the field. as we were marching out they kept saying swing your hips more, you march like a guy. and i just looked at them as they laughed. the show went great. afterwards we could walk around and watch the other corps compete. then 3 girls from another guard came up to us asking who the tall blond was that did the big rifle tosses and the pushed me right up in front of them saying this is Donna, our secrete weapon. at first i could not even talk, then the more we talked i felt better because they thought i was a girl. O M G at one point they asked about our petite pants and some one lifted up my skirt to show them and i almost died. i thought my **** might be showing through. i told here later that you were going to pay for that the buses were pulling out to go home we started to change out of out uniforms. i took off my petite pants first and then put on my shorts before taking off my skirt. and some one said no fare, we were hoping to see something and i said you first, there is plenty of time for that. then Sheryl said you sit down right there. so i did. she took off her uniform top and hung it up, then took off her skirt and hung it up. now she is in her bra and petite pants. she turns her back to me and pulls down here petite pants exposing her beautiful round 19 year old ***, then bends over pulling them all the way down. O M G i was face to face with a well shaven *****. not more then 12" away. and then she flexed her muscles and her ***** wink at me. i got and instant hard on under my skirt. then some one said that's what we wanted to see. i was speechless.after changing i just sat there. i did not know what was coming next and here i was in the back of a dark bus with all these horny farm girl and a 5 hr trip ahead of us.
more to come. it just keeps getting better
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Hey add me please awesome story love it.

Wow. So sexy and what a cliff hanger!

More, more don't leave us hanging,please.