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There Is Nothing Like It

There is nothing like slipping into a dress. To be free to move around without something dragging on your legs. I always wear a slip under my dresses. It is so sensual. The dress is so much cooler and sexier than pants or shorts. There are so many styles, colors, and prints that you can choose from. Pants are pants. Yuck. Give a dress anytime.
Adam59 Adam59 56-60, M 7 Responses Jun 13, 2012

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Yes! And adding to all the physical sensations is the fact that it's forbidden, which gives wearing dresses so much appeal. We forget that there are many cultures in which men wear garments that would be called "Dresses" in the states.

Me too, I also love to sometimes waer a dress. I feel so free & feminine when I do.

where do u get u dresses ? why did not share ur experience with me ?

I get my dresses from the store. Share experiences with you? I don't know you.

yes , i like wearing dresses ,and i often buy dresses online . my favorite website is , i like my dresses so so so much .


I agree far more freedom of movement, I do not know why more women do not start wearing dresses far more feminine.

Probably they don't have to be lady like in pants. Fine, they want the pants so be it. I'll take the skirts and dresses.

I love wearing nice flowing flimsy dress with nice lacy undies and stockings, freedom calls with a gentle breeze .

Oh yes it does. Hum.

agree if all silky too much draging