I Like Wearing Dresses

I do not wear dresses that often my GF would love for me to wear them everyday. I have a little black dress with black hose and 6 inch heels that I love to wear. My GF wants me to wear the dress out clubbing next week end. I have not worn a dress out in public as of yet. I have a long cotton skirt and a shire poly top that I wear sometimes out.

What does every one think should I come out and wear the little black dress when we go clubbing?
Please respond would like to hear your opinions.
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Does your GF feel more attracted to you when you are wearing a dress, or she has you wear one to gain more control of your relationship? Is she a closet lesbian or just gets turned on seeing guys hit on you?

Do it you will love it but go all the way when you dress up.

maybe u can try before a mirror ,

Thank you

I just wanted to update as to how the day went wearing the dress. We went to a church one of her friends recommend it was nice. After church we went to an outdoor cafe we parked in a parking garage and had to walk down main street to the cafe. Some people look like what the heck mostly no one cared. My GF said the waiter was hitting on you. ( yea wright). I was kind of nervous and did not like looking people in the eyes or make eye contact. ( out of sight out of mind). After we ate ( she paid for) we walked across the street and down the block to the mall. We first stop by the make up counter looking at lipstick. Then from there we went ot the banana republic store were we bought some dresses, slack and shirts and one really short sun dress. We the stopped by a bathing suite store and she bought me this two piece suite peach in color ( not sure I will wear that need to run longer and spent more time at the gym. Lol).when we were heading out of the mall we stopped back by the cosmetic counter and I got a make over. It was a great day.

Tank you for your support

So I got up this morning and I decided after talking to all my friends (which I would love to hear from more) to put on a dress. So I thought I would lit my good friends out there know what I was wearing if that is ok. I am wear white lace see thru boy shorts and a white push up bra ( I really which my breast were bigger) the I have a dark blue silk like v neck dress that comes down to the top of my knees with red flowers all over it. So what does everyone think please add commit I would love to hear.

Matter of fact that is where we are going to church first lunch at an outdoor dinner then shopping. Should be a interesting day. I am a little worried!!!!
I am wearing a lower heel shoe. I will let everyone know how it goes wish me luck.

Oh I say go for it for sure! You know it will be fun.

Lol you make me laugh. I am getting excited about going out.

if you feel confident about it ,go for it

Thank you I bet you rocked that club in your little black dress.<br />
Did you wear hose with your dress.<br />
My legs are nice and tan and I really don't need hose. Thought?

That is great that is what I wanted to hear.<br />
I have summer and winter women close not a lot of dresses thought I need more my GF is ready now to go shopping with me to buy me more dresses. I wear mostly women's jeans and tops.<br />
<br />
Thank you for your commit stay in touch please!

Thank you. My GF wants me to wear dress more often she thinks I look more feminine.

So of our friends may be at the club that night . I think they would be upset if they found out that way. I also don't know if I want anyone to know I wear dresses. Scared.

If someone asked me to wear a dress in public I would. I don't know how that could be hurting anyone else.

If you were asked to were a dress out would you.<br />
I want to come out but I afraid it will hurt to many people

I think it's totally up to you,I wear skirts/tops around house but not outside .