I Love My Short Dresses And Stilettos.......

I love to wear dresses......doesn't matter what I am doing.....friends always know I am coming down the hallways into the patients rooms by my heels......running errands......even painting....there I am stilettos and short dresses....love any excuse to get dressed up......I think showing your legs is so hot!

I was blessed to have inherited this from my 81 year old Italian grandmother who still drives and yes... still wears hers with legs hotter than women half her age......you go Nonna!
ThoseTearsofJoy ThoseTearsofJoy
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4 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Very sexy

So nice, love to see you dressed like that!

Yes, dresses, legs and heels are very sexy. Women who can't walk in heels are a turn off for me.

BTW: Beautiful legs and body

Thank you...you hear me click click where ever I go...I once ran the 100 yard dash for charity in heels....lucky I didn;t break my ankle......

That click click click always conjures up an image of a sexy woman in heels and skirt/dress. The sound alone has been known to arouse me ;-) ...I can even tell by the sound if the woman knows how to properly sway her hips to walk properly in the heels.

But running 100 yards in heels?? that's crazy! haha

Maybe we should see some pictures of her!